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Juvenile Law

Whether you are dealing with law enforcement or Child Protective Services, you will need an experienced attorney skilled in juvenile law to assist you with your situation. Many cases are easily resolved with assistance from an experienced attorney.

Juvenile Dependency

In dependency cases in which your children have been removed from the home you need help quickly. Removals are usually based on reports claiming the children are endangered and these reports on the child abuse can come from almost any source.
While Child Protective Services is required to remove children that may be endangered sometimes these reports are inaccurate or vindictive or based on rumor. When you need to fight to prove you are a good parent to your child you need help. For a free initial consultation with The Law Offices of Jeffrey D. Gold, A Professional Law Corporation, call us at TEL: 562-348-9702 or contact us online.

Juvenile Delinquency

If your child has been arrested for a juvenile crime, it is crucial that you select an attorney who is skilled in dealing with the juvenile court system. Juvenile rights are different from adult rights. Juveniles do not have a right to a jury trial; they do not generally have a right to a public proceeding.

Since the juvenile justice system is different from the adult system, it is important to have a lawyer who is familiar with the juvenile system. You need an experienced attorney who regularly deals with juvenile cases. You need an attorney who can fight to have your child released into your custody on informal supervision, electronic monitoring, house arrest, or other programs that allow them to continue at school.

After an arrest or citation, the child and his/her parents will be scheduled to meet with a juvenile probation officer. This is a critical stage in a juvenile proceeding. Our attorneys will go with you to the first probation meeting before your child goes to Court. Meeting with probation before the Court action starts can be very helpful.

There are many available options for young offenders, and with the assistance of a skilled juvenile defense attorney, a good option for your child can be found and presented to the court. Juvenile courts do not have the authority to order punishment. Instead, they respond to juvenile misconduct and misfortune by ordering rehabilitative measures or assistance from government agencies. The juvenile court response to misconduct generally is more lenient than the adult court response.

Juvenile court proceedings are conducted in private, whereas adult proceedings are public. Also, whereas adult criminal courts focus on the offense committed and appropriate punishment, juvenile courts focus on the child and seek to meet the child’s needs through rehabilitation, supervision, and treatment.

If the crime is a serious crime, and the court cannot be convinced to keep the offender in juvenile court, the child may be tried in the adult court system and end up in adult prison. With the recent swing toward punishment, a new danger has been created for children as young as fourteen. They can be charged and found guilty of crimes in the adult justice system that will follow them for the rest of their lives. This is of even greater significance with California’s three strikes law.

The Law Offices of Jeffrey. D Gold has extensive experience with all juvenile arrests. You need qualified representation for your child to ensure that they do not end up spending years in the juvenile detention system or an adult prison due to a mistake made as a juvenile.

Jeffrey Gold, Attorney at Law, is an experienced and highly qualified trial attorney. Trial experience is of utmost importance in the case of a juvenile whose case is going to trial. Get your child the best. Get Jeffrey D. Gold and know your child is in good hands.

For a free initial consultation with The Law Offices of Jeffrey D. Gold call us at TEL: 562-348-9702 or contact us online.