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Debt Collections

Debt Collections

Debt Collections

The Law Offices of Jeffrey D. Gold is the best debt collections attorney you can hire.

Were you aware that the older a delinquent commercial account becomes, the more difficult it is to collect? Statistically speaking, once a delinquent account reaches 90-days you can expect to collect only about $0.75 on the dollar. At 180-days that drops to about $0.50 on the dollar. At nine months’ delinquency, the best you can expect to collect is about $0.25 on the dollar.

Find The Best Debt Collections & Attorney for Your Problem

All businesses must be diligent and persistent in the collection of outstanding debt in order to protect their financial well-being and profitability. When your customers fail to pay their obligations to you in a timely manner, it often causes a snowball effect making it difficult for you to pay your obligations on time. If the outstanding debt owed to you is significant or critical, that uncollected debt can be a crippling blow to the hopes, dreams and aspirations you had for building and growing your business. Frankly it just isn’t fair.

Jeffrey D. Gold is an attorney experienced in debt collection. He will convince your slow-pay or no-pay clients to pay. His firm will become “the squeaky wheel” on their back which provides incentive that you or your business should, in fact be PAID ahead of any other of their discretionary payables!

When the collective debt of one or more clients has become a serious problem and you have sought the assistance of an attorney in your collection efforts, chances are your company has already tried several different methods to inspire payment. When your debtors find out that The Law Offices of Jeffrey D. Gold is on your team suggesting an immediate repayment plan – – – OR ELSE, they know you mean business and will pursue collection of the debt to you to the full extent of the law. It is your best bet to recover what you are owed!

Business owners need to understand that few things are more damaging to the success of your business than not being paid for the goods or services that you have provided and for the hard work you have done for your customers.

The Law Offices of Jeffrey D. Gold, has the required knowledge and experience of Debt Collections law to provide you with quality legal advice and representation in these cases throughout the metro Los Angeles area and California.

We Offer Help in All Debt Collections.

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